Anubandha: Dharma Sanskrutinche

Anubandha: Dharma Sanskrutinche by Pratibha Ranade



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Pratibha Ranade

Pratibha Ranade

Pratibha Ranade is the author of twenty-five books in Marathi. These include Badnaseeb, a novel on the last Mughal emperor Bahadurshah Zafar, Afghan Diary, a socio-political analysis and an eyewitness account of the Saur revolution in Afghanistan, Burakhya Adchya Streeya, a study of the issues faced by Muslim women, Aispais Guppa Durgabainshi, an interview with Durgabai Bhagwat, Phalani te Phalani, a book on the creation of Bangladesh, and Asmitechya Shodhat Pakistan, a book on the Pakistani search for identity. She has won several literary awards for her works. Some of her books have been translated into English. She has also presented research papers at Indian and international conferences. Her short story, “On the other side of the river”, published by Nehru Centre, London, has been included in the collection of short stories by prominent Indian women writers. Mumbai University has prescribed Smaranvela, a collection of her literary articles, for the B.A. course in Marathi literature. She has also received research grants from Ford Foundation and Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi.

Anubandha: Dharma Sanskrutinche by Pratibha Ranade


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